Tomas S. Butkus born 1975 in Klaipeda, western Lithuania. He acts as an illustrator, designer, poet, architect, visual thinker and publisher as well. He graduated from Vilnius’ Gediminas Technical University with a degree in architecture (Master degree in 1999, Doctoral degree in 2009). Since 1992 he has been working in various interdisciplinary fields through the Vario burnos (“Copper Mouths”) workshop of concepts, which he established. He received the Druskininkai Poetry Fall prize of the best debut in 2001 for his poem-novel “The Loving Organism”. In 2004 he was awarded the prize of The Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore for the most creative book of 2003, “Mutation of Generated Language”. He participated in various international programmes and contests including: Young Writers Meeting in Visby (Sweden, 2001), International Writing Program (USA, 2002), Baltic Ring sessions (Finland, 2002-2003), International Young Publisher of the Year award competition (UK, 2004) and others. Tomas S. Butkus is also a member of the group of sound and poetry “Concrete Bunnies”. As cultural entrepreneur and book designer he involved in more than 200 local and international publications and projects. In 2011 his poetry reading was filmed by BBC during the “Declasified” event in London and in 2015 his architectural review appeared in New York Times video release “36 Hours”. His debut book for children “Boomba Doomba and the Creation of the Universe” (Vario burnos, 2012) received a significant appreciation in the public. The second book “Boomba Doomba in Dangling Bagels Street” published in 2016. Tomas lives with his wife and three children in Vilnius.


Boomba Doomba in Dangling Bagels Street

(picture book; Lithuanian language; 40 pages).
Vilnius: Vario burnos, 2016.

Price 7.00 €


Boomba Doomba & the Creation of the Universe

(picture book; Lithuanian language; 48 pages).
Vilnius: Vario burnos, 2012.

Price 5.50 €



We kindly invite you to Workshop of Creative Education by Tomas S. Butkus “Small Universe”.
A perfect way to add variety to a birthday party, feast or holidays of your child!*


(individual session with 5-11 year old children, groups from 5 to 12 children)
Duration: 90 min
Price from 90 euro (per group)

A1 Creation of Universe
In the Workshop we use all kinds of traditional and nontraditional means of expression – drawing with fruit prints, monotypes, screen printing, application, gratage, quilting and so on; these techniques are used in three ways: based on the first idea, making copies, and improvising. During the classes children learn to draw borders of their world and make it individual.

A2 Book of Small Universe
The whole process of book birth is examined in the workshop: paper selection, binding modes as well as ways of creation of characters, and lay out of scenes. Children learn to view a book as a micro world where everything is in close relation – text, illustrations, and structure of the book.

A3 House of Small Universe
Multifaceted world of architecture is examined in the workshop, a model of individual house is created. During the sessions children are drawing, clipping, cutting, gluing, making figurines, colouring and learning the basics of spatial resolution.

A4 Town of Small Universe
It is a start of research of urban development for children. Children are creating the town of their dreams, they draw streets, lay out houses, factories, cathedrals that are cut of different materials.



(individual with 6-11 year old children and small groups of 4 persons)
Duration: 90 min. / 180 min
Price from 120 euro (per group)

B1 Book of Shadows
It is a new way to create a book with moving contents, when the elements of the story are created based on cut and bend planes that are illuminated with different strength of light sources. Basic skills of creativity are developed in the workshop.

B2 Book of Holes and Surfaces
Children learn to create a book from holes and surfaces in the workshop. The content of the book is created by cutting pages and using not standard materials (for example sandpaper). The sessions are dedicated to practice tactile relations and to learn materials.

B3 Pop-up Book
During the sessions the story is composed by using spatial and folding elements that are stuck into the book. Spatial thinking and imagination are developed during the sessions.

B4 Book-House
During the sessions paper, plane, and space limits are tested and special installations are created which can be folded back and obtain the form of the book again.

The workshops are mobile. We can arrive to your premises with our idea and materials.
The sessions are oriented to continuity.
Orders are accepted both from legal and natural persons.
Booking: [email protected] | 8 687 39512